Another way to get involved with the Africa of Our Dream Initiative (AODI) is to apply to be a volunteer which is another form of non-voting but ambassadorial membership. As a volunteer, you will help the foundation execute her projects as your time would permit following set out guidelines by the trustees.

Been a volunteer qualifies you to apply to be an ambassador of the foundation as stipulated in the foundation constitution. Volunteers must carry themselves in such a manner that would bring honor and respect to the foundation and the society at large. A dishonorable act can cost you to forfeit this position and the foundation reserve the right to revert its AMBASSADORIAL honor conferred on you.

As volunteers also form part of the cornerstones of the foundation, they are required to ensure they have the time commitment required to volunteer. AODI cannot function effectively without the good work of our volunteers. To say a thank you for their wonderful commitments in improving lives with the foundation, we honour our volunteers with the ambassadorial honour as stipulated in the constitution. 

Volunteers are not expected to make any financial commitment to the foundation aside from the charity services they render. However, if they deem it necessary and have the capacity, they are welcomed to support the foundation financially.  All expenses by the project facilitator made on behalf of the foundation for volunteering in any project must be as approved by the foundation. Out of pocket expenses made by volunteers are refunded by the foundation provided they are within the approved costs and that the project facilitator approved of it.

To know who our volunteers are see bellow.

Our Volunteers

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