The ambassadorial memberships of the Africa of Our Dream Initiative (AODI) give those who would like to get involved with the foundation as non-voting members the opportunity to exercise their commitment to affecting lives positively through volunteering or facilitation of projects. AODI is committed to forming a network of passionate individuals who would like to make the world better by giving them a platform to get involved in community services and campaign that would change the lives of especially the less privileged, oppressed and the neglected in the society.

Ambassadors of AODI are not paid. They form part of the corner staone of the foundation and so should be ready to carry themselves in such a manner as to bring honour and respect to the foundation and the the society they live. Making the world a better place is a task we must all get involved with and only when we come together to contribute no matter how little would the dream of a better future for all be actualized. We rely heavily on the community of our ambassadors to drive the changes we hope to see in our societies. As a way to recorgnise the great job our ambassadors will be doing, they are awarded the AMBASSADORIAL honour by the foundation as stipulated in the constitution.

Details of what each of the two ambassadorial memberships entails can be found at the Project Facilitators and Volunteers sections.