Africa of Our Dream is happy to announce that Covenant University has taking the lead under the PAP programe to provide a great opportunity for knowledge sharing between scholars and academics at Covenant University and interested scholars and academics at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

Aside from other information which will be included in respective offer letters, please see some important details and protocols below and note that the short visit programme is fully funded by Covenant University and coordinated by AODI.

To apply please click here. If you have any question, please contact us here or email David Izuogu.

  • This call is an opportunity for scholars/researchers to visit Nigeria, engage with people, students and other researchers in Nigeria. So if you have a keen interest in working with one of the leading Africa institutions, then this is the opportunity you don’t want to miss.
  • The call is open to PhD, postdoc, research fellows and lecturers at any UK university. However, priority will be given to those from the University of Cambridge and Oxford University.
  • Interested scholars can either choose from the under-listed research area or indicate their research interest in the short application form. For those who indicate their research interest, if accepted, the appropriate receiving Head of Department will recommend topics (minimum of 4 and maximum of 8) relevant to the scholar’s area of expertise. Some topics require a minimum of two to three hours depending on the unit(s) weight of the course.
  • The shortest duration of the visit is one week and the longest is three weeks or more.
  • The Scholar’s status as a Visiting Scholar also affords him/her the following privileges:
    • Return flight ticket (Economy) from the UK to Nigeria
    • Logistics to and from Lagos Murtala Mohammed Airport
    • On-campus accommodation
    • Designated Office space and
    • Library Access
  • As a momentary appointment, each visiting scholar will receive $80 stipend per teaching hour during the 2019 visit.
  • The call will be on a rolling basis but for now, we are looking for scholars who are available from January 15 – April 5, 2019.

At the moment the priority departments include

  1. Computer Engineering Program
    • Computer Security
    • Microcomputer Systems
    • Real-time Digital System Design
    • Computer Architecture
  2. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    • Dynamic Modelling of Electric Machines and Control
    • Advanced Power Systems Control & Dynamics
    • Intelligent Systems Applications to Electric Power Systems
    • Computer Applications in Power Systems
  3. Information and Communication Engineering
    • Transmission of Information
    • Advanced Topics in Computer Networking
    • Mobile Communications Networks
    • Data Communication Networks
  4. Chemistry (Please include your research interest in the application)
  5. Physics (Please include your research interest in the application)
  6. Although these departments are listed in the order of priority, we will be happy if you notify us about your interest in other disciplines including Social Sciences, Biological Sciencesand Humanities.

Click here for the Application link

Please note that application is on a rolling basis depending on need. However, the deadline for the present call is now extended until midnight 16 February 2019.