The Partner Africa Project (PAP) is a flagship of Africa of Our Dream Initiative (AODI) initiated by the founder, David Izuogu with the aim of fostering research partnership, academic exchanges, knowledge transfer, technology transfer and professional development between African researchers in research Institutions/universities and those in other continents across the globe. AODI believes that Africa does not need aids in the form that it is currently administered by the world powers, but needs partnerships to build capacity from within and develop the technical know how to solve her problems.

The situation where people continue to think for Africa from a very far distance without having a clear understanding of what is on the ground in Africa will never help Africa develop. In the light of this, AODI is determined to be the bridge that connects Africa with the right set of people around the world with the succinct aim of helping build capacity within Africa. AODI also hopes to give the outside world the opportunity to share in the real sense, what Africa has to offer.

Our first project under PAP is a short visit opportunity for UK researchers particularly from the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford to visit Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria for a period not less than one week and not more than one month. For details, please click here.