AODI Blog Testimonies: Beneficiaries show appreciation to David for giving them AODI

Testimonies: Beneficiaries show appreciation to David for giving them AODI

David Izuogu, the founder of Africa of Our Dream has continued to drive his agenda to support not just research but commercialization of such scientific research by holding series of outreach in Africa and doing all he can to bridge Africa researchers, especially those in chemical sciences, Engineering and Technolgy with the westerns researchers. He believes that what Africa needs is partnership and not aids that come in finished materials goods and end up in the hands of few individuals. We have collected some of the response students and staff members across universities and secondary schools had given in their survey to describe how much impact David has made for Nigeria, for them, for Africa and for the world at large

The following citations are surveyed testimonies of our beneficiaries when asked, “write a word or more about what they think David Izuogu is doing to advance education in Nigeria and the world at large especially in chemical sciences”.

What David Izuogu is doing in His ‘Africa of our dream Initiative’ programme is quite commendable and deserves loud ovation and sustained applause. Some persons to whom the rich potentials and unique opportunities of Africa have been entrusted in times past have not lived up to expectation in effectively managing this unlimited resources that we are blessed with, leading to the decline of academic standards which has eroded the statistics and excellent delivery of our young and fresh brains staying back home to serve the Nation. In lieu of this, David Izuogu’s give-back Initiative is apt and very timely for us, so we can begin to partner with Cambridge to reach our academic development and restoration dream. Once again, without mincing words or unnecessarily exaggerating, the ‘Africa of our Dream Initiative’ is highly commendable. Kudos to the Team, the brain(s) behind this.

Dr. Wisdom

David’s step is to ensure that education in Nigeria is not neglected because it is the pillar of a nation. As the saying goes, what on earth is not chemistry and David has validated that with the opportunities he has brought to not just chemistry but to the entire field of science. I will say he is a goal-getter, was really impressed with the outreach at my university which David organised with the University of Cambridge because with that he gave us hope that YES we can do it.

Benson Chiamaka

Your work is innovative, inspiring and timely. Keep up the good work and I’m sure that in no distant time with your efforts and contribution. Great leaders will be raised and our continent transformed.


He is doing quite an interesting job, great, I must say, to change the face of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Driving in a new and better perspective to life and education.


Nice one for trying to improve the educational system in Africa, and make others to pursue their dreams. Thank you much for this outreach program.

Obiora Joy

Thank you so much, David, for your selflessness. You have given me hope, now I know that ‘I can’.

Blessing Tito

David Izuogu has really motivated many students especially some of us who do not know the requirements for studying abroad.

Omeke Joachin

He is aiding and abating education! He is campaigning for the right of the less privileged to have equal access to education. My word of encouragement is that I will volunteer to add up to the strength of the impact of the intervention! Thank you, David!

Ajason Okechukwu

I really appreciate your effort, and I would like you to know that the whole Cambridge scholarship doesn’t look strange anymore I can see the opportunities clearly now

John Orok

I suggest you collaborate with the UN and other NGOs in reaching out to the rural areas (especially to secondary school leavers) for that’s where the precinct and mind-blowing talents and intellects lie. These ones are intelligent but lack the source for good information as this.

oshua Ajachimma

I think what he is doing is really making an impact because a lot of students didn’t even know about the Cambridge scholarship programme until he discussed it. Also for the Africa of our Dream initiative, I feel it’s a brilliant contribution to the youths of Africa.


Thank you, David, for sharing with us your zeal and enlightening our minds for the task ahead. I have never been more coordinated and goal driven.

Tamunoboma Ayotamuno

David is doing a great job in making Africa great. Without quality and relevant education, a nation cannot make meaningful progress. I must say I’m impressed with his devotion to this vision of creating an Africa of our dreams. I wish him well in this endeavour. He has my full support.

Ugonabo Ugochukwu

I admire the efforts being made by David Izuogu to advance education especially in Africa. Kudos to you, it’s not everyone that can do what you are doing because it requires a lot of courage and sacrifice but you are doing it. God bless you, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


It is very nice and inspiring. The programme can also be targeted at primary and secondary school children in relatively low standard schools to make sure that the students are given adequate education at that early stage as those that miss that opportunity most times struggle academically throughout their university education.

Victoria Chiemela

I really appreciate the effort of the coordinator. On this note, I recommend repeating this program every year to African countries.


I advise that he should never relent in this very venture because success is sure.

Chidera Toby
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