AODI Blog Testimonies: AODI receives superlative commendation for making impacts

Testimonies: AODI receives superlative commendation for making impacts

This is something young people in Nigeria have been yearning for and I believe it’ll serve its purpose

Elisha Nwodo

It’s an awesome platform with passionate people making formidable impacts


It’s a good and welcome development, with this we can be sure that with people of like minds we will make Africa what we want it to be in the near future.

Benson Chiamaka

It’s an innovative initiative and timely in that Africa needs pioneers, leaders and builders with an indomitable spirit to drive the continent forward.

S. Onini

It is a timely intervention on the equal lack of educational opportunities and information among social classes in Nigeria, in particular.

Ogochukwu Ukwueze

AODI is an excellent initiative that would give hope to many Africans to realise their dreams, solve many challenges facing the continents and make a huge difference in Africa.


It’s a selfless, human-oriented organization that’s willing to support and improve the Nigerian quality of education.

Abel Nwankwo

AODI will stir up a great zeal among African citizens to become more innovative and create more positive impact to the society


It’s a very good initiative and a welcome development, we are grateful to one of our own, David Izuogu and to the University of Cambridge.

Francis Onah

It’s a very nice initiative that will continue to enlighten young people on the opportunities available for them to enhance themselves in their various career in other to make a positive impact on the development of Nigeria and Africa at large.

Val Udeh

AODI is simply an instrument of dream realisation. It is a big encouragement and an eye opener to opportunities that could impact lives positively.


I believe that it is really noble and it is a great platform to give Africans the opportunities that they never thought about having.

Victoria Chiemela

I think it’s a good movement to help Nigerian students like me and give us a better shot at Education.

Ihedioha Nneoma

My perception changed positively after listening to David Izuogu during his presentation, I was provoked to further my graduate studies to make a positive influence that will impact my world.


I think it’s a very wonderful initiative and I believe it is what Nigeria and Africa at large needs now.

Onuora Huju

I believe the initiative is going places,however I think more collaborations should be made with Nigerian NGOs

John Orok

It’s amazing and would definitely have a huge impact in Africa.I see it as one of the tool to advancing Africa.


This is a good initiative in building bridge between Africans and their counterparts in the West through academics and research. Bringing development to Africa through education, health care, social and human development.

Ikechukwu Okolie

The initiative is critical to the development of Africa

Oluwaseun Adanike

Very thoughtful, the aims are greatly important and needs to be achieved as many of our youths need guidance and help.
I believe that the way I approach challenges would change

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