While the Nigerian unemployment challenge is not new, it is becoming increasingly problematic. Here in Nigeria, the category of people mainly at the receiving end of this social problem is the youth. Unemployment is the situation whereby those in the working class, willing and able to work, can’t find paid jobs, making them unutilized and exposed to crimes and other social vices.

Currently, most Nigerian youths are virtually roaming the global space as digital nomads looking for their ‘daily bread.’ Thanks to globalization!
However, the essence of this piece is not to idolize the known but to recommend ways in which the youths and fresh graduates can conquer this endemic called “unemployment.”

We recommend these five (5) tips to help anyone currently unemployed conquer unemployment:

  1. Self-discovery: Knowing yourself is the first way to conquer unemployment. Nowadays, we have top companies running personality tests on applicants to know how best they will fit into the organization. Self-discovery will enable you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize both to your advantage. You can only function at your best if you have discovered yourself or figured out what works best for you. One central importance of self-discovery is that it helps you not to follow the bandwagon.
  2. Reading books: Books are therapeutic and reveal the unknown world. It is a way of relating to other people’s experiences, ideas, and knowledge. It is often said that “readers are leaders.” Reading books put you in an advantageous position to change your inside world and prepare you to change the outside world. This makes you culturally relative to relate well with other people because you have imaginatively visited other people’s worlds. This applies to skills and job positions, too; there are dedicated books for every profession or skill set you would love to acquire.
  3. Volunteering: Testimonies abound of people who have landed their dream roles through volunteering. I define it as the selfless way of pampering our selfish nature because it ultimately pays you. It is also an important way of gaining practical knowledge. Whether self-employed or looking for a job, volunteering puts you on a pedestal to showcase your leadership and community development skills. You are about to take the next step to find where to volunteer. One of the platforms to volunteer today is Africa of Our Dream Education Initiative. This platform enables you to learn and gain relevant knowledge and skills to change not just yourself but Africa and the world. One thing that stands out at AODI is its unique learning culture and willingness to ensure every volunteer accrues well-sought-after skills globally. Click Here to register and become a volunteer at AODI today!
  4. Mentorship: Whether you like it or not, mentorship is a way of being at the top of your game and, at the same time avoiding previous mistakes or the reoccurrences of life-threatening experiences. This is a way of tapping into the wisdom of those before you to make informed decisions, and I bet right now the saying: “We are all standing on giants’ Shoulders,” takes on a whole new meaning for you. Through mentorship, you become a worthy successor ready to build other worthy successors. A fantastic mentorship platform has also been provided to you by AODI. You can click here to register and become mentored by excellent experts in different positions, making giant strides globally. Take advantage of this great opportunity!
  5. Never Stay Idle: While I understand the urge to stay idle because “there is no work,” however, one thing you need to know is that the world does not stop because of you and the world constantly needs proof that you are not stagnant. I remember vividly how a friend lost the N250,000 job he had applied for because he replied with “Nothing” when asked what he had been doing since graduation. One way to achieve all your great dreams is by engaging yourself through learning or volunteering. By every strength and power in you, my dear friend, “Never Stay Idle.”
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